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Jun 01, 2010:
Updated to v2.2 minor fixes and adjustments.

This template includes a lot of additional styles and layout variations in the stylesheet. To see these, use the navigation menu to view the different pages and layout examples.

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andreas00 v2.2
(Jun 01, 2010)

General information

This is a free XHTML/CSS-based website template, that anyone may use for any purpose without any obligations or limitations. It was originally based on the template to which andreas00 added requested features such as a 2-column layout variation and support for sub-pages in the main menu - features that were later added into andreas01 as well. But there are also other small modifications and a few extras, like the background images in the menu buttons and table styles. I hope that you like what you see and that you find the template to be easy to work with. That is what it was made for!

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I kindly ask that you leave the credit text and link (the one that says "Design by Andreas Viklund" in the footer) since that is a nice way of supporting my template design work. But it is no requirement, just a request. Do what works best for you!

CMS templates and blog themes?

This template is has been converted into a theme for WordPress and for a number of other content management systems and blog engines as well. If you are planning to use this template with a CMS or a blog script, it may be worth checking if the template has been ported to the system of your choice already. Links to these variations can be found on the original . Good luck with your new site design!